CEO's Message

Marc Carvalho

CEO & Founder

The main aim of Carver Aviation is to produce an aviator whose qualities encompass an optimum blend of Aircraft manipulative skills, academic applications, strong leadership skills, commanding character combined with competent knowledge of business and Aviation management. Professional Pilots are a breed apart because they pursue a dream that requires great commitment and sacrifice. Be it you dreamt of flying or you just begun to have an interest in aviation, Carver offers a flight program designed to help you reach your specific career goals. Carver’s Flight Program is uniquely designed for optimum utilisation of flight hours towards Program completion, which will augment once skill in the in-vogue field of Aviation. Licences and Ratings included in the Carver Aviation professional Pilot program are Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating. At ACAPL, we have chosen AIR-MAN-SHIP as our motto to continuously remind us that we must reach an understanding of each element in the environment with a continuous emphasis on Flight Safety.ACAPL training programs incorporates Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. As AME plays a very important role who keeps aircraft airworthy and certify it.On the basis of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education ACAPL imparts training to theTrainees in Mechanical Stream and Avionics Stream respectively, in such a dedicated manner that they are groomed breed proficient, knowledgeable and skilled engineers to cater the ever growing demand in Aviation Industry. 

Young people learn and encompass the very essence of curiosity, creativity, hands-on minds-on learning. Following today’s trend in the Aviation and Aerospace industries, this type of learning and education will be the key to creating the workforce of the future and this is our driving zest in running an aviation school with varied programs.

Our Vision is to supplement the aviation industry with excellent Pilots and competent Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.