CFI’s Message










Capt. Nikhil Jadhav

Chief Flight Instructor

A Pilot plays a Vital Role in the aviation industry. A pilot is required to be competent enough to handle the fundamental responsibilities. To hold a unique demand in this competitive scenario, one must possess a unique set of skills and attributes that are required to set himself apart from others.  In our integrated training program the discipline and structure that we follow gives a discerned knowledge and skills to the candidates. The fact that it requires a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment from the Candidate, We believe in completing the flying requirements at the earliest keeping the standards set by the DGCA. We believe in imparting practical as well as theoretical training simultaneously which will help the candidates in attaining profound knowledge and skills. Alumnae’s from these programs can be certain that their training is consistent with the Aviation industry’s expectations and will enhance their employment prospects.