Instrument Rating (IR)

Through Instrument Rating, the aspiring trainee will be competent enough to fly relaying on Cockpit’s instrument, whether it may be night or a misty or cloudy weather. ACAPL Programs are designed both to identify and train the very best pilots for the very best fields in the Aviation Industry. ACAPL has DGCA approved single engine simulator ATC 610 and multi engine simulator ATC 810 is housed in the Simulator Room for Instrument Training and Rating.ACAPL also houses Cirrus II simulators (total three in numbers) in the Computer Based Training Rooms with full visual and radio stacks along with VOR/DME and ILS capabilities.


Flying Requirements

  • Min. 200 hrs of Flying out of which

-100 hrs as PIC

-50 hrs X-Cty flying (more than 100Nm Radius) As PIC

-20 hrsInstrument Flying(Dual)+ 20 HrsSimulator Training

-5 hrsNight Flying as PIC

-300 Nm X-Cty (2 Landing at diff. Airport) as PIC 



  • 1 year



  • IR check
  • In case IR lapsed

-Within 6 months then IR check of 1hr approximate is required but if in case exceeded 6 months then 1 hr of Fam Flight and IR check is required.

- if exceeded 1 year then, 1 hr of Fam Flight, day check, night check and IR check is requires on respective aircraft