Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd. (ACAPL) Offers an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence, is approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.AME courses to train Trainees in Mechanical Stream and Avionics Stream of Engineering, Dedicated it in grooming a breed proficient, knowledgeable and skilled engineering professionals to cater the ever growing demand in Aviation Industry.

The aircraft engineers mainly deal with the construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft in the technical level.

Successful candidates after obtaining Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License are having ample employment opportunities in Govt. Airline, Private Airlines, corporate, Public/ Private Aviation organization.

Only a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Can certify that the Aircraft is fit for flying.

Educational Qualification: 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry and Maths (Equivalent a three years AICTE approved diploma in engineer or any higher qualification in science with Physics and Mathematics)

Age:-16 yrs uptill 24yrs of age

Medical Fitness: The trainees shall be subjected to a medical examination, before admission the trainee should undergo a through medical examination by a doctor, possessing at least an MBBS degree and approved by college in the prescribe format.Candidates shall not have any physical disabilities or colour blindness, which may interfere in discharging the duties as an AME.

Course Structure & Streams

The three years AME training Programme has been divided into six semesters constituting 2 ½ years of Theoretical and Practical training and 6 months on the job training on fully operational Aircrafts.

The course has been planned, in a systematic manner following the norms and standards accepted by the regulatory authority, DGCA and the aviation community

Mechanical Stream

            Light aircraft                (LA)

            Piston Engine              (PE)

            Heavy Aircraft              (HA)

            Jet Engine                   (JE)

Avionics Stream

            Electrical Systems        (ES)

            Instrument Systems      (IS)

            Radio Navigation         (RN)


Experienced personnel who have over 20 years of experience in civil and military aviation manage the AME institute.


The AME Institute is located at Baramati (Dist. Pune)

The institute has approx. 15000 sq.ft area for its theory classes.

The Classrooms, Workshops, Avionics Labs, Examination cell, Projector room and Conference hall are fully furnished and Air-conditioned. The library is well stocked with over 1000 books on aviation.


Academy of Carver Aviation has well furnished hostel accommodation for 100 students Separate facility for boys and girls.

Leisure Activities

Table Tennis, Basketball, badminton, Cricket and indoor games.


Course Break Up for AME:

First and Second Semester

The first year of training is devoted to teaching basic Engineering subjects such as

  1. Aircraft Rules, Regulation and CAR
  2. Workshop Technology
  3. Engineering Drawing
  4. Theory of flight
  5. Aircraft Hardware
  6. Basic Electricity
  7. Basic Electronics
  8. Aircraft Materials
  9. Aircraft Power plant 

Third and Forth Semester

The second year of training, involves teaching core subjects. The course include the review of:-

  1. Aircraft Material
  2. Aircraft Power Plant
  3. Basic and Applied Electricity
  4. Aircraft Systems
  5. Aircraft Instruments
  6. Basic Avionics
  7. Aircraft Electricity & Electrical systems
  8. Electronics/Digital Aircraft systems
  9. Advanced Composites
  10. Aircraft Ground Handling and support
  11. Piston Engine Systems
  12. Aircraft structure
  13. Aerodynamics

Fifth and Sixth Semester

In the Third there is specialisation either in the Mechanical or Avionics stream. Subjects Covered are:-

  1. Aircraft Wiring, Bonding & Screening
  2. Integrated Flight Control System
  3. Aircraft Instrument
  4. Aircraft Instrument Systems
  5. Aircraft Electrical Systems
  6. Engine Fuel System
  7. Lubrication System
  8. Aircraft Power Plant and Accessories
  9. Aircraft Propeller System
  10. Engine Starting/Run-up System
  11.  Piston Engine System Trouble Shooting
  12.  Airborne Radio Communication & Navigational Equipment
  13.  Radio & Radar Aids to Navigation
  14.  Radio Test Equipment
  15.  Radar Theory
  16.  Aircraft System
  17.  Aircraft Fuel System
  18. Aircraft Structure
  19. Aircraft Cessna 152/172 Inspection Procedures
  20. Aircraft P68C/PA30 Twin Engine Aircraft Inspection Procedure
  21. 6 months On-Job-Training at Carver Aviation (CAR145 approved Facilities)

On Job Training

Maintenance Scope as per CAR-145 AMO (Approved Maintenance Organisation)

  1. Upto Phase IV Maintenance of KINGAIR B-200 SERIES & KINGAIR C-90 
  2. Complete maintenance of PARTENEVIA P-68C
  3. Complete Maintenance of CESSNA 152 & 172
  4. Engine overhauling of lycoming series Piston Engine
  5. Non Destructive Testing (LPT , MPI AND ECT)
  6. Autopilot Maintenance and slip torque check
  7. NI-CD and Lead Acid batter Capacity Test
  8. Alternator, Starter, Flap motor & Magneto Maintenance & Testing
  • Above Maintenance facilities is also being utilized for imparting On Job Training for aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students.