Private Pilot License (PPL)

Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd. (ACAPL) Offers a Private Pilot’s Licence course for those candidates who always wanted to fly an airplane, but possibly were unaware of the procedures.

Now you have reached your career goals, the desire of learning basics of flying an airplane may remain a dream. Here is a great opportunity for you to Know Flying.We all Know that flying is a very beautiful experience, the urge to fly while gazing at the Bird in the sky makes us feel so thrilled and a very peerless curiosity arouse but gradually the flam starts dimming because of the fact that naturally we as a Human being cannot fly. If you’ve ever flown in a small aircraft, you’ve probably experienced that rush of excitement that comes from being one with nature with just a slim piece of metal in a manmade device i.e., ‘Aircraft’ which separate you from the sky. The feeling that goes along with flying is one that many people insist just can’t be duplicated through any other hobby. If you share that enthusiasm, then it’s probably worth all of the time commitment and effort to earn your own private pilot’s license.

The Freedom of a Private Pilot’s License

If you have your own private pilot’s license and access to a plane (either one you own, borrow or rent),apart from Hobby flying there are other benefits too that you can avail:-

1. One of the benefits is of course that you can save time travelling from place to place along with cost management if you fly that frequently for Business purposes.

3. Many enthusiasts love the bird’s eye view which can be seen through a few thousand feet above the ground. Through availing Private Pilot’s License one can have easy access to explore any part of the Nation. The only thing you have to do is to WISH.

4. Moreover it will provide you with the most important indulgence and opportunity of spending precious time with your Family members and close relatives. After joining with ACAPL, your weekends will be a fun filled adventure since you can personally pilot an aircraft with your family members & enthral them with the magnificent view from above.  It’s the  freedom of being able to pick up and go, and temporarily leave behind the stress and noise of your life, which appeals to so many who fly.

5. PPL can be of great use for the person who is under agricultural works or by the Landlords who owns a no’s of acres of land/farm. Through PPL, person related to agriculture can do Crop Dusting and Air seeding and spraying which can augment the yielding and rate of production of crops.

6. And apart from all the above points, the term ‘’pilot’’ being associated to your name is an achievement by itself.

Educational Qualification: Minimum qualification required is a class10thcertificate.

Age:17 years of Age completion

Medical: Class II Medical is to be done by a DGCA approved medical examiner. The list of DGCA approved medical examiner is available on the at link

Ground Training:

  1. Composite (Air Regulations ,Air Navigation , Aviation Meteorology)
  2. Technical General (Aircraft and Engines)
  3. Technical Specific

Flying Training40 Hours of Flying as per DGCA Syllabus

Course Duration: 4 Months