Aviation Encouragement, Pro Environment

Alike Airport, ACAPL’s ambiance has all the amenities and infrastructure that can give a peerless feeling of actually working with an Airline. Apart from the presence of trainee Pilots, there is always a varying horde of Experienced Commercial and Airforce Pilots who usually come for the purpose of their license renewal or Multi-Engine endorsement respectively. Their manifestation gives our trainee pilots an opportunity to interact with them and receive some resourceful knowledge, which augments their efficiency and skills. ACAPL always try to keep its atmosphere lively by orginising various aviation related events. In coordination with AOPA-INDIA, ACAPL has organised AOPA-INDIA’s first general meet, which was the very firstof its kind in India. AOPA-INDIA aims to make flying safe, fun and affordable to all aviation enthusiasts and conducts several programs throughout the year. Its first FLY-IN on 29th November 2013 was organised with the support of the management and students of Carver Aviation, which met with the great success. Around 150 Pilots from all over India were united with great zeal for this alluring event. 

As ACAPL is also a MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) organisation, under which Aircraft Maintenance Engineer students are greatly privileged with exposure to Aircraft maintenance, which includes scheduling, maintenance of aircraft parts & components and Engine overhauling etc.