Campus & Facilities

ACAPL was established in the year of 1995, 19th August, is one of the most esteemed flying schools in India. Hundreds of students have built their careers as Pilots while training with carver. The Academy also provides training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

ACAPL offers advanced learning facility in Pilot Training and AME. It has received ISO 9001-2008 certification and is also DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India) approved.

The school is located at the rain shadow region of Baramati in Maharashtra, India. The school has an excellent infrastructure spread across 3,89,000 sqft at Baramati and has 11 Aircraft, one of the largest training fleet, in the country.

Excellent training facility

ACAPL has remarkable potential of delivering expertise in Commercial Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. With the presence of best Pilot instructors and experienced Faculty members, ACAPL assures to provide skilful and worthy training. The structure designed is as such that the training will be imparted with the full assertiveness in accomplishing once flying requirement as soon as possible, considering the fact that it requires a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment from the Candidate. We believe in imparting practical as well as theoretical training simultaneously, this helps candidates in attaining profound knowledge and skills by letting them to learn and visualize things practically. Alumnaefrom these programs can be certain that their training is consistent with the Aviation industries expectations and will enhance their employment prospects.