Interactive Learning

ACAPL majorly believes in interactive learning technology. ACAPL’s Interactive Learning designs and produces training material and relatedsolutions for their trainee pilots. ACAPL’s Instructors have found that interactivity has a strong positive effect on learning as Interactivity is mutual action between the learner, the learning system, and the learning material.There are a wide variety of products available ranging from interactive Computer-Based Training (CBT) to established CPL, PPL and AME textbooks. Interactive learning through flight simulators, demo flights on actual Aircraft or exposure to work on real aircraft & working models in Lab and subject related audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers keep learners interested and reinforces their skills. This will allow the studentsto deepen their knowledge and the provided revised material after completion of the theory course will keep them exuberant. It is the expertise and experience of ACAPL’s professional ground and flying instructors, who have made the learning so resourceful and efficient. All are effective methods for developing practical skill and increasing information retention among the students.