On Job Training

Maintenance Scope as per CAR-145 AMO (Approved Maintenance Organisation)

1.    Upton Phase IV Maintenance of KINGAIR B-200 SERIES& KINGAIR C-90
2.    Complete maintenance of PARTENEVIA P-68C
3.    Complete Maintenance of CESSNA 152 & 172
4.    Engine overhauling of lycoming series Piston Engine
5.    Non Destructive Testing (LPT , MPI AND ECT)
6.    Autopilot Maintenance and slip torque check
7.    NI-CD and Lead Acid batter Capacity Test
8.    Alternator, Starter, Flap motor & Magneto Maintenance & Testing

Above Maintenance facilities is also being utilized for imparting On Job Training for aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students.