Rocket speed completion of flying

ACAPL comprehend the time importance. To a pilot, Time plays a very important role. It is very imperative to have a specific time frame to fulfil the flying requirements as per the DGCA norms. ACAPL is the flying school who has achieved more than 85000 flying hours. Following are the significant features because of which ACAPL has record-breaking triumphs.


  1. ACAPL has 11 aircraft in its fleet. With the team of instructors, comprising Chief Flight Instructor, Pilot Instructors, Assistant Pilot Instructors because of which a systematic and perfectly planned roistering of flying hrs has been done. This is one of the major reason, due to which ACAPL is rated as best flying school where one can fulfil his/her flying requirements at the earliest.
  2. ACAPL operates from Baramati, which is an uncontrolled airfield. ACAPL need not have to follow any sort of watch hours, as ACAPL has its own control tower and has its personal designated frequency of 129.25 utilized for all flight activities.
  3.  ACAPL has Night flying approval, which is why the flying activities remains ON from Sunrise until mid night.
  4. ACAPL has a brilliant Maintenance and engineering team as flight safety is directly associated with absolute excellent engineering work as well. ACAPL has sufficient number of Engineers and Technicians who does the scheduling, repair, maintenance and overhaul of all the aircraft on time without any delays. 
  5. As Baramati is situated in the Rain Shadow Region, The flying goes throughout the year without any postpones, as Weather is not an issue for Carver Aviation, whether it may be summer, monsoon or winter season there is very trifling impact because of such seasons.