Round the Year Flying / Rain Shadow Region

ACAPL is renowned for its fastest training records and excellent training record. The secret to the success of ACAPL’s programs is the discipline and structure of the training with the full assertiveness in accomplishing once flying requirementsat the earliest. Because of ACAPL’s dedicated team and the zeal of the competent Instructors to train the trainees with par Excellencies has proved ACAPL to be the pioneer  among aviation academies.

For a smooth and sound Flight Training, weather is one of the major factors. One of the major factor for safe flying conditions is good Visibility which can result in safe take offs and landings. Mostly in northern India flying training is affected because of the fog during winters and in southern parts of India flying training is adversely affected during Monsoons,As Baramati is located in Rain Shadow Region, the flying goes throughout the year unobstructed by weather.Nevertheless, ACAPL is the only academy where Flying activities remains unaffected but keeping the safety of every flights with respect to Human Factors.